Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Simply Italian Returns

One of the finest Italian wine events is returning soon to New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. It will be held in those cities on October 15, 17 and 18, respectively and if you're an Italian wine lover living in or near those cities, you need to be there for an unparalleled day of Italian wine tasting and education.

I've been involved in moderating a seminar for this event for the past three years and I'm excited about the seminar on the wines of Collio I'll be leading in Chicago. There will also be a seminar on the wines of the Veneto that day in Chicago, as well as a seminar on Federdoc, the agency that oversees DOC, DOCG and DOP regulations; things are changing rapidly with these designations and this seminar, taught by Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, will be of invaluable assistance to anyone who wants to better understand today's Italian wine.

That same seminar will also be offered in New York City along with a special presentation on "The Legends of Italian Wine," featuring such Italian wine producers as Masi, Pio Cesare, Antinori, Argiolas, Mastroberardino and Michele Chiarlo along with another five great producers; Gloria Maroti Frazee of the Wine Spectator will moderate this seminar. After this, the seminars on Collio and Veneto will be offered.

There will be a gala tasting of hundreds of the finest Italian wine estates from the breadth and width of the country that will be held in the afternoon at all three cities.

Information on the Simply Italian events can be found here.

Please note that seating at each seminar is limited and you must register to assure your spot. To do so, contact Jessica Celona at 305-937-2488 or info@ieem.usa.

Looking forward to seeing you at Simply Italian in mid-October!

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