Thursday, April 26, 2012

Using Technology to Understand Italian Wines

VinItaly Interactive Wine Tasting

The VinItaly US events in Chicago and New York next week - Monday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 2, respectively, are shaping up to be not-to-be-missed events for the Italian wine lover (see details here).

There will be a grand tasting of several hundred wines along with an excellent array of seminars, ranging from restaurant trends to indigenous varieties to in-depth tastings of Prosecco and Valpolicella.

That would be enough for any event to make it special, but the VinItaly organizers are going a step farther for this year's affairs, as they are introducing an interactive wine tasting at these two events. Attendees will be able to use iPads to facilitate education, promotion and consumption of Italian wine.

The process is easy and intuitive, consisting of three steps:

1) Registration: The guest will receive an individual QR card in exchange for his or her business card and then will be able to go freely to the different wine tables/bar with the iPads.

2) Ordering: At the wine table/bar, the visitor can order any wine of the participating exhibitors of the VinItaly Interactive Experience. A sommelier or service person will ask for the QR card to be scanned at the iPad and then serve the requested wine.

3) Tasting: The visitor tastes the selected wine and can choose from different parameters (taste, scent, color, etc.) on the iPad to rate the wine. Afterward, the guest's preferences can either be saved or deleted and can choose to try other wines or finish his VinItaly Interactive Experience. At the end of the tasting, the customer will receive either a print-out of all the wines tested that day or an email with their preferences.

I think this is a great idea, one that should really make this day a unique one. The grand tasting is special enough, as participants will be able to taste some of Italy's finest wines, but now their experience will be even more enlightening, given this new way of using technology.

The VinItaly Interactive Experience will be offering selected wines from Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco, and the portfolio of Folio Fine Wine Partners including Arnaldo Caprai, Donnafugata, Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi, Masi Agricola S.p.a. and Villa Sandi.

See you there!

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