Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feudi's Great New Website

These days, given the popularity of blogs, winery websites just don't seem to have the same influence they did just a few years ago. They're still needed and they offer excellent information, but websites have definitely taken a back seat to other forms of communication in the wine world.

Well that may soon change, especially if a few producers adopt the model of Feudi di San Gregorio in Italy. This Campanian producer recently unveiled its new website and it is dazzling! Packed with tremendous detail about not only their wines, but also their territory as well as their one-star Michelin restaurant, MarennĂ  (located at the winery), this is a website that will please the wine and food lover!

Now the old site was excellent and had much of the same information on the wines, but there's just a lot more on the new one. For example, click on Greco (under "vini" or "wines") and you are referred to five different pages, each representing a wine (or in one case, a grappa), where Greco is used to produce that particular wine. There are six pages for Fiano and Falanghina and a total of 11 different pages under the Aglianico heading! When you go to those individual pages, you will see a page listing technical data as well as recommended food pairings and you can also download each wine's label (the average size is about 750 KB and the resolution is excellent).

As previously mentioned, there is also a great deal of information on the winery's stellar restaurant, MarennĂ , located a few floors above the cellar. There is a beautiful streaming video that's imbedded on the page; it should definitely make your mouth water in anticipation! There are also two separate menus to download (Risotto cozze e nocciole, anyone?) as well as the wine list. That's very helpful and quite an advertisement for the restaurant. If that wasn't enough, there are also 10 recipes of Chef Paolo Barrale tha are avalable for downloading. It's a nice mix, from risotto and pasta to lamb, beef and dolce. The recipes are in both Italian and English, by the way, as is the entire site.

The site is located at:

and in English at:

(note: the English translation was provided by yours truly)

What really puts this website into a special category is the way it works with modern communications. This one doesn't just refer to facebook, it has its facebook site imbedded on the homepage. That's a great way to get people talking about the wines and shouldn't that be what a winery website is all about?

Congratulations to Feudi di San Gregorio for taking the lead and providing such a superb website. Let's hope that other wineries around the world take note.

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  1. Dear Tom, thank you for talking about our website and mostly for translating it so accurately in English.
    Take care
    Antonio Capaldo