Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Essence of Champagne - available at amazon

My new book The Essence of Champagne is now available at (click here)

In the book, I feature 50 Champagne producers, ranging from large houses to small growers. There no points for any of the estates or their cuvées, but rather I use a star system to rate the producers, from 2 (good) to 5 (superior). For each chapter, I feature one or two wines from a particular producers and include my tasting notes along with a specific food recommendation for that cuvée.



  1. Hi, I absolutely love everything about Champagne - the wine and the region - have been there a couple of times with my wife. However I am vision impaired and can't read the print book.
    Any plans to offer your book through Kindle and if so, make sure it goes to Kindle Australia as well please.

  2. The book is available in a Kindle version: